Framing Frametown

Frametown is a village of approximately 150 inhabitants. It is located on the Elk River in Braxton County, West Virginia. While most of the town is based around Main Street Route 4, it spans across many acres of farming land. Most of the people in the town work on farms or the at the nearby [...]

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Solving Public Concerns Through Private Capital

Let us take the next 15 minutes and reimagine the financial industry. An investment banker walks to work at 6:00 am (yes, even in this example bankers wake up early). They open their email, respond to clients, and look at their assigned portfolios. Some investments focus on purely the private sector, while others work with the public sector [...]

Thinking Small — Extracting “Growth and Exit” Out of the Startup Life Cycle

“An exit strategy is one of the most important aspects of starting a business because it gives you, the entrepreneur, a focus for your efforts and allows you to set up your entrepreneurial endeavor with the end in mind” — William Link, co-founder of Newport Beach-based Versant Ventures William Link is a serial entrepreneur and [...]

Our Hyperconnected IoT World

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging topic of technical, social, and economic significance. In plain English, the concept can be explained as the "extension of network connectivity and computing capability to objects, devices, sensors, and items not ordinarily considered to be computers" (Rose 3). While the concept has existed for quite some time [...]

The Payoffs of Pay for Success

65 % of Americans are dissatisfied with the federal government. When I read this on a Gallup poll, it did not surprise me. President-Elect Trump is proof of this statistic. We know that people are angry and that they do not believe their taxes are being put to good use. While I personally believe in [...]

Best Photo of 2016

Each December, National Geographic picks their best 52 photos of the year. While they are all of course breathtaking, my favorite is from a September article titled, "Why There’s New Hope About Ending Blindness" — give it a read during the holidays. Trust me, you won't regret it. Eye-care workers use test-lens frames to conduct eye exams in India’s [...]

Catalyzing Cooperation

Donald Trump has seemingly slipped into every thought I have had since Tuesday's U.S. Election. Naturally, I thought I should write about this shocking outcome. I had a fairly long list of potential ideas: A post on the effects of a Trump Presidency on emerging countries (Answer—It's not looking good) A post about the worldwide reaction [...]