Why a 4.3% Unemployment Rate Is Not Mending Economic Anxiety

Lauren Walker is 29 years old. She lives with her four-year-old son Riley in a small eastern Mississippi town and works as an administrative assistant for a construction firm. Lauren's average income is $297.66 per week, $1,2500 per month, $15,000 per year. While many of us count down the days for the next federal holiday, [...]


Đổi Mới — Đổing Mớre Business in Vietnam

Ten years after the southern communist victory, Vietnam made a decision — a pivotal decision, which has transformed it from an introspective country to one that actively looks for opportunities to develop and improve. This decision is known as Đổi Mới. Open for Business. Đổi Mới are the first economic reforms initiated in Vietnam to [...]

The African Americans—Many Rivers to Cross

Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. had a story to tell. A 500-year story to be exact. He wanted to cover in reasonable depth the whole sweep of black history until today. Working with fellow historians, Gates weaved together over 500 stories into one documentary series exploring African American history. This six-part series titled "The African Americans—Many [...]

Gallery: What inequality looks like

Inequality is like the Gordian knot. Complex and convoluted, it is difficult to entangle the meaning that lies behind the issue. This is why the definition of inequality being “an unfair situation in which some people have more rights or better opportunities than other people” does not completely represent what it is. Take a look at this gallery by Helen Walters about what Inequality looks like!



Inequality is a complicated term. It can be applied to so many factors, for one thing. There’s income inequality, asset inequality, gender inequality, social, class, political … you name it, someone, somewhere likely feels (and is) hard done by. And, for all the focus that Thomas Piketty has gained for his analysis of a new, ever-diverging global class of the superrich, inequality is still personal. As such, we asked an international group of artists, designers, photographers and activists to provide one image that encapsulates what inequality means to them — and to explain their selection. See them all below.

Photograph: Ryan Lobo.

Ryan Lobo, photographer, India

“Here is a photograph I made of a little boy who lives in a slum outside one of India’s most successful IT companies, the Infosys building in Bangalore.

India has very unequal patterns of development, and though the economy has benefited, most of India’s 1.28 billion people remain deeply disadvantaged.


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Make Work into Play

Motivation is the key to change and development. Throughout history, people with motivation have pushed themselves to success. One of the Greats, Nelson Mandela, had the drive to end apartheid and segregation in South Africa. Steve Jobs had the determination to think outside of the box when creating Apple. Mohammed Ali showed his determination to [...]