Hydroponic Agriculture — Taking Root Without Soil

Ecuador has long been viewed as a developing country with a high poverty rate and tremendous overcrowding. Sadly, there is truth to this. In 1996, 27% of its urban population had their basic needs unfulfilled, and 34% of poor urban homes were unable to cover the cost of basic family needs. However, one project is slowly setting [...]


Taking Loon One Step Further

A little less than a half a year ago, I posted about Project Loon, something that in my mind would change developing countries and give them new opportunities. Since then, I have been tracking the progress of this zany idea and have been positively surprised. Project Loon started in June of 2013 and, in the beginning, many, [...]

Explosive Weapon Clearance — Letting Developing Countries Develop

Imagine this: On a sunny Tuesday morning, a boy decides to go play outside his house. Like any 13-year-old boy, he jumps and runs around, having a blast. He knows that mother will call him in soon to start on his homework, but right now he just wants to enjoy being a kid. “You need to go [...]

The Internet as a Propeller to a Better Future

How can we give developing countries the opportunity to thrive? This is the question millions of us have been asking for centuries and, no doubt, it is a difficult one to answer. I believe there is a possible solution, which using the Internet to give people a more equal chance to thrive in the world. There are several benefits [...]

MOOCs – an Untapped opportunity

Education improves lives. It is the powerhouse that can bring underprivileged people out of hardship and into a brighter future. Recently, a new form of education has appeared. MIT, Harvard, and Stanford created MOOCs, which are "Massive Open Online Courses". This type of learning is delivered electronically to a massive audience via the Internet. With [...]