The Payoffs of Pay for Success

65 % of Americans are dissatisfied with the federal government. When I read this on a Gallup poll, it did not surprise me. President-Elect Trump is proof of this statistic. We know that people are angry and that they do not believe their taxes are being put to good use. While I personally believe in [...]

Private Prisons — Making Bank on Injustice

For-profit businesses try to make as much money as they can. Profit is how they, and the rest of society, measure value creation and the overall success of their company. This all makes reasonable sense, until one learns about for-profit prisons. Typically, a country's goal is to decrease its incarceration rate; however, for-profit prisons want to increase revenue, [...]

Choosing The Lesser of Two Evils

Sometimes there are no good options. Sometimes we have to settle for the least awful, not the best. Naturally, this is not a position anybody wants to be in, but many times we are. Nigeria will have to make a decision and choose the "least awful" on March 28: Election Day. Nigeria has been one of the [...]

Nagorno-Karabakh—A Land of Disputes

Nagorno-Karabakh, which is located on the eastern side of Armenian Highlands, is part of one of the least known territorial controversies in the world. However, with 4,400 square kilometers and an estimated population of 138,000, this land dispute is an important one to discuss. The conflict began in 1917, when three ethnic republics—Armenia, Azerbaijan and [...]

Foreign Aid — Money Well Spent

Foreign aid and its effectiveness on a country’s development has been a continuous debate for the past 100 years. In all likelihood, it has been argued about for much longer than that, but in last 100 years something has happened: the world has become more interconnected and therefore more dependent on each other. For that [...]

Islamic Extremism—Our Battle

"If our great grandfathers were fighting against Prussian domination of Europe; if our grand fathers were fighting fascism; if our fathers were fighting the cold war against communism; I'm afraid to say, this struggle, against Islamist extremist terrorism, this is the struggle of our generation."—David Cameron, speaking at Camp Bastion on Oct. 3, 2014