Foreign Aid — Money Well Spent

Foreign aid and its effectiveness on a country’s development has been a continuous debate for the past 100 years. In all likelihood, it has been argued about for much longer than that, but in last 100 years something has happened: the world has become more interconnected and therefore more dependent on each other. For that [...]


A Four Course Menu to Solving World Hunger

Tonight, the mouth-watering smell of homemade Thanksgiving dinner fills the air. The table is set, the turkey is cooked, and most, including me, are ready to dig into the food. Sadly, this is not the case for everyone. Most cannot enjoy such a feast. Many do not even have access to the most basic foods for [...]

Childhood Mortality by the Numbers

In order to expand on last week's blog post about the benefits of foreign aid, I would like to discuss child mortality and how it is decreasing because of foreign investment. If you were not convinced by my last post that foreign aid is positive, maybe you will change your mind this time. In 1960, a newly born [...]

Changing the Way We See Global Health

Each and every day sick people in the developing world are being helped through medicine as well as good health organizations and that number is only rising. Having said that, one of the major parts of health reform and improvement has not been addressed at all in impoverished countries: that of mental health. In many parts [...]