Hydroponic Agriculture — Taking Root Without Soil

Ecuador has long been viewed as a developing country with a high poverty rate and tremendous overcrowding. Sadly, there is truth to this. In 1996, 27% of its urban population had their basic needs unfulfilled, and 34% of poor urban homes were unable to cover the cost of basic family needs. However, one project is slowly setting [...]

Explosive Weapon Clearance — Letting Developing Countries Develop

Imagine this: On a sunny Tuesday morning, a boy decides to go play outside his house. Like any 13-year-old boy, he jumps and runs around, having a blast. He knows that mother will call him in soon to start on his homework, but right now he just wants to enjoy being a kid. “You need to go [...]

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Climate Action

It is important to look at how climate aid can play out in the real world. The Overseas Development Institute recently did exactly that, when it published an interesting list of mistakes that are made during climate action. Mistake 1: Spending aid in places with conflicts without doing a thorough analysis of the conflict first. Sounds obvious? Both John Kerry, the [...]