The Payoffs of Pay for Success

65 % of Americans are dissatisfied with the federal government. When I read this on a Gallup poll, it did not surprise me. President-Elect Trump is proof of this statistic. We know that people are angry and that they do not believe their taxes are being put to good use. While I personally believe in [...]


Billions in Change and Impact

Too many times (yes, I fell victim to this at one point) do we think that progress and innovation are inherently complicated; that we need to solve the most complex problems to impact change and make a difference in the world. Well, if by "complicated" you mean targeting the basics, then you're spot-on. This might sound [...]

Breaking the Bloody Taboo

Today is May 28—Menstrual Hygiene Day. Some would scoff at the notion that we need a specific day to remember women get their periods once a month. What's the big deal, right? We all know it happens, so why even talk about it? In Kenya, girls can miss between 3-7 days of school each month because of [...]

A Four Course Menu to Solving World Hunger

Tonight, the mouth-watering smell of homemade Thanksgiving dinner fills the air. The table is set, the turkey is cooked, and most, including me, are ready to dig into the food. Sadly, this is not the case for everyone. Most cannot enjoy such a feast. Many do not even have access to the most basic foods for [...]

Lighting up the Developing World

Electricity has been part of our daily life for the past 100 years. Today, none of us jump in exhilaration, when we switch on a light or charge our phones. Electricity is the norm. It's everywhere — or so we might think. In reality, a fifth of our world's population lacks access to electricity. That equates [...]

Hydroponic Agriculture — Taking Root Without Soil

Ecuador has long been viewed as a developing country with a high poverty rate and tremendous overcrowding. Sadly, there is truth to this. In 1996, 27% of its urban population had their basic needs unfulfilled, and 34% of poor urban homes were unable to cover the cost of basic family needs. However, one project is slowly setting [...]

Taking Loon One Step Further

A little less than a half a year ago, I posted about Project Loon, something that in my mind would change developing countries and give them new opportunities. Since then, I have been tracking the progress of this zany idea and have been positively surprised. Project Loon started in June of 2013 and, in the beginning, many, [...]