The Most Good per Dollar

Many times our mindset, especially in the international development sector, is that once we throw enough money onto a problem, we'll magically solve it. I am by no means trying to diminish the importance of money to solve some of the world's biggest problems — matters like economic development and financial independence, climate change, minority [...]


International Literacy Day

Literacy is one of the most important keys to sustainable development. It is a fundamental human right and should reach everyone on this earth to improve people's standards of living. International Literacy Day was created by the United Nations. It is promoted by the UN's UNESCO. According to their website, "The aim is to highlight the importance [...]

Taking Loon One Step Further

A little less than a half a year ago, I posted about Project Loon, something that in my mind would change developing countries and give them new opportunities. Since then, I have been tracking the progress of this zany idea and have been positively surprised. Project Loon started in June of 2013 and, in the beginning, many, [...]

The Effect of Urbanization on Literacy Rates

Literacy rates within a country or region depend on many different factors. One of the biggest determinants is whether one lives in an urban or rural environment. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization did research on this phenomenon. Rural residents have lower literacy levels than urban residents, whether measured from census data (e.g. Wagner, 2000) [...]