In Defense of Human Capitalism

Doctors save lives. Lawyers uphold our rights as individuals. Engineers build products that transform the way we lead our lives. Then there are the people in business. When I was younger, business struck me as boring. It did not save lives or fight for the voiceless. In fact, it gave the loudest voices in the [...]


Charleston, West Virginia

  There is something about the air, The smell of evening dew sweeps the streets, Warm and eerie with a touch of sweet peach and pear. Brushing by cars and trees, elites and deadbeats.   The wind of the Elk creates ripples, swashing aimlessly towards the river’s mouth. On waves, the ray of the sun stipples [...]

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Framing Frametown

Frametown is a village of approximately 150 inhabitants. It is located on the Elk River in Braxton County, West Virginia. While most of the town is based around Main Street Route 4, it spans across many acres of farming land. Most of the people in the town work on farms or the at the nearby [...]

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Thinking Small — Extracting “Growth and Exit” Out of the Startup Life Cycle

“An exit strategy is one of the most important aspects of starting a business because it gives you, the entrepreneur, a focus for your efforts and allows you to set up your entrepreneurial endeavor with the end in mind” — William Link, co-founder of Newport Beach-based Versant Ventures William Link is a serial entrepreneur and [...]