Sustainable Business Is a Necessity, Not a Choice

“We are entering a very interesting period of history where the responsible business world is running ahead of the politicians” and taking on a broader role to “serve society.” — Paul Polman, Unilever CEO One of the most hopeful messages I can share with you is that capitalism is malleable. Designed by human beings in the [...]


In Defense of Human Capitalism

Doctors save lives. Lawyers uphold our rights as individuals. Engineers build products that transform the way we lead our lives. Then there are the people in business. When I was younger, business struck me as boring. It did not save lives or fight for the voiceless. In fact, it gave the loudest voices in the [...]

The Future of Work

The future of work is changing. Today's society is dealing with multiple factors that are altering how we do and perceive work. Community members, politicians, and business executives alike fear the repercussions of these new working conditions. While change is intimidating, it is also a necessary ingredient for progress. By changing our perspective, we can approach [...]

Thinking Small — Extracting “Growth and Exit” Out of the Startup Life Cycle

“An exit strategy is one of the most important aspects of starting a business because it gives you, the entrepreneur, a focus for your efforts and allows you to set up your entrepreneurial endeavor with the end in mind” — William Link, co-founder of Newport Beach-based Versant Ventures William Link is a serial entrepreneur and [...]

The Payoffs of Pay for Success

65 % of Americans are dissatisfied with the federal government. When I read this on a Gallup poll, it did not surprise me. President-Elect Trump is proof of this statistic. We know that people are angry and that they do not believe their taxes are being put to good use. While I personally believe in [...]