Rural America’s Grocery Store

Drive down any U.S. highway and, within minutes, you'll be sure to spot a sign for a McDonald's off a nearby exit. The golden arched fast-food chain has roughly 14,000 locations across the United States, making it the second-biggest chain restaurant in the country after Subway. I assume this does not come as a shock to [...]


The Sharing Economy — Valuing Access Over Ownership

Yesterday I wanted to visit a friend downtown. My bike was in the bike shop so cycling was out of the question. I could either take the public bus or Uber. After staring at the bus schedule, trying to figure out what all the lines and colors on the map could possibly mean, I decided [...]

The Future of Work

The future of work is changing. Today's society is dealing with multiple factors that are altering how we do and perceive work. Community members, politicians, and business executives alike fear the repercussions of these new working conditions. While change is intimidating, it is also a necessary ingredient for progress. By changing our perspective, we can approach [...]